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my custom greeting greetings holiday Belitung

my custom greeting greetings holiday Belitung, I would love to know where that's brilliant for you lovers of the coast of Indonesia. It diaaa, jengjengg * matamelotot * High Cape Coast, the Pacific Islands! Tau shooting the Rainbow Warriors? Well, this is where the beaches, cool bgt sob. This beach is really beautiful! Beti-betilah same beach in Bali, ehehe (NB: Different Beti = thin) The beach is approximately 1.2 km in length is apparently flanked by two peninsula. White sand beaches, and there are more unique granite boulders piled up on the sand. The stones are not small, sob! The stone is large, even if the meter is calculated, can be larger than a house wow * o * The shape of each stone is unique and even then, there is a cave-shaped tablets! If more rain, tuh suitable for shelter, hmm ... Acropora coral types found in http://jelajahbelitungtour.com the Cape Coast High Bangka Belitung Islands Province BelitungDi along the coast, there are some Seafood Restaurant, okay he really hungry-hungry stop by there, or just do not drink coconut ice wrote it could :) Nothing that needs ditakutin in The beach, the waves are usually not very high, but this holiday season gaktaulah yes: / but, to look out for ya, jellyfish! Keep an eye on your child at this one stinging animals! In addition to its beautiful beaches, underwater world was beautiful, for you who like to snorkel, pas bgt! not wrong, is yes beti beti same-Bunaken Marine Park:-P Oiya, for you who are interested and want to Belitung nginep, here there is a little info about lodging in Belitung .. cekidot! Very suitable for you who satisfied-puasin Beach holidays. Because the inn is quite far from the city center, yet close to the beaches in the Pacific Islands. It is in his villa under the cliffs at the seaside village of Tanjung Binga, close to the fishing village. There are about 92 steps that must be traversed to get to the cottage. Building of cottages designed as custom home building Belitung. At the top there is a restaurant and swimming pool with views off to the beach. Access to the town about 15 miles Tanjungpandan. The village of Tanjung Binga village known as durian producer. The hotel is located near the market, fishing port and the port city of Tanjungpandan. Includes old-fashioned hotel that stands in the heyday of tin mining in the Pacific Islands. Consists of 3 complex, the hotel is widely used as accommodation for tourists visiting Belitung. It is in the village of Tanjung Pendam, at the seaside. Quite close to the city center Tanjungpandan, and consists of several types of rooms and tarif.Hotel is located right in downtown Tanjungpandan. The hotel building is the former headquarters using tin is transformed into a beautiful hotel. This three star hotel inaugurated the new local government officials since I wrote this web site. The hotel is most often used for lodging and local officials from the center. From the front you can see an icon of the Pacific form satam stone in the middle rounds of this relatively new hotel built so attractive to many visitors. Tanjungpendam are on the waterfront, but the location is very strategic because it is still close to the city Tanjungpandan. Each room in a three star hotel facilities: Air conditioning, Safety box, TV, minibar and coffe maker. in lobby spaces are Wi-Fi internet connection and lobby lounge.hotel of three recently completed in July 2011 in the wake of months ago .. Located at Jl. Patimura 1, Water Saga. Space room is large enough so that the standard room rates are slightly more expensive than the grand rainbow. Also located on the beach so you can see the sea water at high tide or low tide to see up to 5 miles away just behind the hotel. Some villagers fishing boat Water Saga also many boats tether to look for fish near the hotel making it an interesting sight in the middle of the sea. There are 65 standard rooms, 4 deluxe, 4 suites and 1 president suite

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is one of the best beaches owned Belitung Island

is one of the best beaches owned Belitung Island, which became a great event Sail Wakatobi-Belitung 2010, which until now a major destination for yachter never-never-ending visit to this beach. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of the coast of Cape Kelayang is fine white sandy beaches such as flour. Seawater was clear and ramps making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Because coral reefs and a variety of fish that can be agen tour travel bangka belitung murah found around this beach. The main particularities of this beach is the view "Gerude stone" is a huge pile of granite rocks, which form the head of the bird "Garuda" sticking out above the blue sea, like a mighty historical monuments, tourism became an icon of Belitung Island.Not inferior to both the beach, Cape Coast High also has a natural beauty superb beaches. Beach landscape scenery with giant granite boulders is the beauty that is second to none in the world. In addition, this beach is the main destination for Belitung Island, where white beaches and clear sea water flanked by a cluster of granite boulders with jumbo size so as to form a giant sea water pools formed naturally. While enjoying the beautiful panorama of Cape Coast High is, here tourists can also enjoy a unique culinary Belitung is dominated by typical marine cuisine in traditional stalls that are often found in this region. In addition to visiting the beautiful beaches, Belitung Island Pantura also presents other tourist charms which are not less attractive, such as tourist island tour. Here the visitors can visit and explore the beauty of the small islands in the Pacific north coast region. Almost all tourists who've been to Belitung admired and praised the beauty of the beautiful islands in the region because of the beautiful panorama. This makes the island tour and travel into one thing that is very enjoyable and memorable.

Travel photography, is a tour designed for lovers of photography, with a particular purpose, by taking the best spots are numerous in those areas of Belitung island north coast road. Tourism turtle and coral conservation plantation, visiting tourist spots are turtle breeding and coral gardens that have been initiated by the local community. to donate some funds to the sustainability of conservation activities, tourists have participated preserve nature, especially the sea world. This tour is usually integrated with other travel packagesTourism snorkeling and fish feeding is one of the tourist water that is in demand. Travelers using snorkeling equipment and live jackets that can be rented, can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery in the waters of the northern coast of Belitung island, with various forms of coral and various fish playing around the reef and underwater biota various colorful, adding preoccupation tour in Belitung Island. While bersnorkling ria, travelers are also entertained by thousands of small fish that swim in the colorful surroundings. By providing bread or other snacks, small fish will accompany tourists gentlemen playing in sea water, so the running time is not felt, because the fun fish feeding air-ria.

By looking at the tremendous tourism potential in the area of ​​the Pacific coast of this island, did not rule out the future of this region can be projected to build a town beach (Beach City) world-class, depending on the seriousness and the synergy of several parties who are stakeholders for the creation of a vision for the future of mega projects. Government as facilitator should prepare the land to be tilled. Investors as a provider and executor of the mega project should be reliable and professional, while local people should support the creation of a conducive environment tourist, as expected by the tourists who visit. If these elements are able to work together well, then the area of ​​the northern coast of Belitung island will be one of the International tourist destination to be proud of.

North coast road or the northern coast Bangka Belitung

North coast road or the northern coast Bangka Belitung is the main transport route which is always packed with various types of vehicles on the island of Java, the travelers to enjoy the Eid holiday to his hometown. Likewise Pantura in the island of Belitung, always packed with various types of vehicles that want to enjoy the Eid holiday to some beautiful beaches on the Pacific island that has become an annual tradition at the time of Eid.Belitung Island is an island that is administratively became part of the province of Bangka Belitung. Belitung Island is geographically situated between 3 major agen paket wisata bangka belitung islands in Indonesia, namely Sumatra Island in the west, the island of Java in the south, and the island of Borneo in the east of the Pacific Islands. While in the northern part of dealing directly with the South China Sea. To reach the island of Belitung is easy, there are two main channels through which is the entrance to the island of Belitung, namely through Jakarta and through the island of Bangka.

For travelers who use the path of the island of Bangka, Belitung can use the access to aircraft and marine vessels express fast with a trip duration of about 4 hours. If traveling by plane, the duration of the journey from Bangka Belitung towards only takes approximately 30 minutes flight. The line can also be access for tourists who come from Palembang, Batam, and surrounding areas, because now it is in open direct flight path of the two regions into the Pacific, the transit on the island of Bangka, using aircraft belonging to the airline Sky Aviation (Palembang-Belitung ) and Wings Air (Batam-Belitung).As for the travelers who use the path of Jakarta, a trip to the Pacific can be taken approximately 45 minutes. For tourists who want to visit Belitung through Jakarta, the main mode of transportation using aircraft of several airlines serving the route from Jakarta to Belitung with flight code JKT-TJQ every day. As with the journey that must be taken by sea, here are just some of the cruise lines are taking this with a duration of up to 20 hours and the cruise itinerary is not fixed.

Exotic beaches on the island of Belitung Arriving on the island of Belitung, the tourists will be pampered with beauty charm like no other beach in thworld. This exotic beaches can be found mainly in the northern part of the island of Belitung, which has become a major tourist destination, both for local tourists, domestic and foreign.Among the beach among other Kelayang Cape Coast, Cape Coast High, and Tanjung Binga. Of the three beaches are located in the path of the whole northern coast of Belitung island, has the uniqueness and distinctiveness of each that can be enjoyed by the tourists. Tanjung Binga show the charm of the clear blue sea with a background cluster of small islands and pretty as Bird Island, Lengkuas, and some other small islands that can be visited, add an attraction for tourists to enjoy time in the revolving imperceptibly this.

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return trip to Tanjung Pandan - manggar Belitung

return trip to Tanjung Pandan - manggar Belitung. Along the way anyway if diitung counted toward the number of traffic light just manggar there .. hmm, there's only 2 seeds ..! Hah, whether it was, the city is too cool as possible to just take the motor and brake nginjek. Be the trip 80 KM distance in just 1 hour. This is cool. Maybe if to Manggarnya up tracker, can be more exciting again ya.Tengah day, around 13:00, we chose melipir to one coffee shop in manggar, Coffee Shops Atet. He said this is the most cross-eyed coffee shop in this town. Since I am not a coffee woman, would I even get lost on appeal tea that tastes .. hmm, yes it feels like teh tarik, tea given condensed milk. But, if Wahid said Mas quite delicious coffee, to be a message 2 cups, coffee powder and wrap it for take home. I think it taste good, do not it? The story has a story and have a chance to talk directly with the owner of the shop, Mr. Atet, it turns out this coffee shop is the oldest coffee shop in manggar. And cool, the Pacific Islands have always liked to the coffee shop in the morning before leaving for work, while reading the harga paket wisata bangka belitung newspaper and chatting lightly about politics (yes, politics aja kalo emang light while drinking coffee), plus the time of day into the evening while nyantai-nyantai. Surprisingly even at night would be pretty hard to find a coffee shop that is open, in contrast to the 'image' coffee shops in general in other cities, which it probably already like McD, open 24/7. So that evening, the Pacific Islands in doing so?

When finished with the coffee tours-copy, we went on a trip to Gantong. If from its route, this route 'gentlemen' home, but a different path than before. What's on Gantong? Yes, so Gantong is the Rainbow Warriors shooting, and started to become one of the tourist icon of Belitung since his debut film Laskar Pelangi already getting nowhere, and the film's success makes Belitung sticking into one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia began to be taken into account. Yes, probably in the same boat with New Zealand, thanks to the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings complete with 'middle-earth' it is riveting, even this state, now to be one of the vacation spots of all human dreams, I did in fact like many human Gantong in general who are on vacation, just funny pictures in front of the elementary Laskar Pelangi, laughing is not clear. And after that go home because of fatigue, back to Tanjung Pandan. Haaah, gatau why, I feel the loss of 'feel', there is no feeling of nothing, flat. Yes, if happy, so happy, but really if the taste is just simply 'escape', somehow escape from apa.Sekitar at 15.00, I set off from the station gelanggan, escorted by a friend who had a few weeks of this I know, and she's totally a good person. There are many surprises that occur even before stepping foot rainbow country, one of them is, joining the Great, Rere, and Mas Wahid in this way. I, Dila, and Rere this afternoon departed for Jakarta, Progo train, which departs at 15.30 that afternoon teng Lempuyangan Station towards Senen Station. On the schedule printed on the ticket, we will be up to a pretty in Jakarta at 00.30. General and Mas Wahid had gone to Jakarta a few days earlier, and was so randomnye this trip, I and Dila, Mas Wahid, Rere, and Supreme, have flight schedules different. (Mas Wahid, 22 January. Myself and Dila, 23 January, Rere, 24 January., And General, 25 January)The trip to Jakarta this time, accompanied by extreme hunger, although previously already nyempet-Mas Gading nyempetin stop by, but it's stupid snacks in the carrier, which is now his position is under the seat, and really does make possible ga dismantled. Be me and Dila can only pouted, trying to make the bed, and wake up hope already on Monday. This was more malem AC Train Progo taste colder

I once read that the name of the airport Belitung is quite

I once read that the name of the airport Belitung is quite difficult to start approached the question referred to it. Yes, 'Who namely HAS Hanandjoeddin? 'Became my first question, when stepped on this rainbow country. Had kepikiran, hmm maybe Hanandjoeddin is one of the local heroes in the Pacific, like many airports in Indonesia (and even in the world, such as the Chinggis Khaan International Airport, in Mongolia), named by local pahlwan name, such as airports Sultan Syarif Kasim II in Riau, Sultan Hasanuddin airport in Makassar, Achmad Yani airport in Semarang.Along the flight from Jakarta to Belitung, I just fell asleep for a while, and was awakened by the rising sun light exposure in the morning it shines bright enough. From 10,000 feet, I saw the sun rising, and from the heights jasa paket wisata bangka belitung I also take ongoing attention Belitung Island. If observed from a height, will be much visible remnants tin mining, such as a lake, complete with turquoise colored water (really love, ga sempet photo). And by looking at this condition, I became a kind of thinking "gini work really yes man". Yes, mungin true, man is the most destructive phenomena of the earth's survival.

Impression, first walked the Pacific? Hmm, a small island, fun, with a friendly community, and a number of its traffic light just seiprit. Yes, probably will go to the Pacific Islands in the list 'place worth living for' me, after Jogja! Despite its queue at the gas station really powerful, and in the end I resigned on the merchant was carrying gasoline eceran.Perjalanan I met with Mas Agus Pahlavi. Who Mas Agus? and what's with Mas Agus? Thus, the Mas Agus is one of the pioneers of tourism in the Pacific! The first time I met with Mas Agus on Satam stone monument, which is located in Tanjung Pandan. He picked me up that morning it was sitting one resigned in a doorway, waiting for what he knows. Stories-stories, Mas Agus eventually became my savior and Dila during in the Pacific. Starting from lodging nyariin aids, minjemin motors, to things that I think is very valuable, namely the sharing of knowledge and experience. Yes, we can learn everything from everybody, and he good, he's good, ranging from the sharing of tourism (he knows well about tourism), local communities, Indonesia, through sharing of experiences and life journey. Its all happening and flow away, either while sitting pretty in a coffee shop or even while eating bingke (local food that tastes like the same aga bika Ambon). And don think Mas Agus is and old man, he's young enough, hmm man about 28-30 years old, with a wealth of experience 'street-jalan'.Jadi, on my first day in the Pacific, I finally met again with Mas Wahid, and made me acquainted again with a new person, let's call him Mas Camel (his college friend Mas Wahid). Finally in this pertaman day we decided to motoran to manggar, which is approximately 80 kilometers from the town of Tanjung Pandan. If you peek at the map, located in the eastern manggar Belitung Island. With capital pinjeman motorcycle, my, Dila, Mas Wahid, and Mas Onta headed manggar. Throughout the trip we were accompanied by the trees, ranging from pepper tree, palm trees, sometimes tea gardens, and pulling power pole journey painted colorful like a rainbow. And his stupid, I was time-sempatnya day trip, typing a short message to a friend.

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Once satisfied photographed at Belitung Island

Once satisfied photographed at Belitung Island, I went to the next stop. Bird Island. Why is Bird Island? because on the island there is a bird-shaped stone. Drivers also tells me proudly that the island they will never enter the show On The Spot as one of the most unique islands in duniaSaya spend a long time on this because Bird Island find any good spot for reading a book. Where there was a cool unused ga dock with direct view to the sea. Wiiih, deh fit for reading. Armed with nuts and songs in Ipod, finished deh one day it juga..hihihih book directly. How guns directly abis Sebuku, gini nih view nyaSaya back to the ship because I've sms drivers and reminds us that we must leave for Lengkuas before the waves were bigger. hihihihi turns out I forgot the time, eventually penyedia paket wisata bangka belitung traveling to Lengkuas was filled with waves traversed the block * tsaaaahhh. I had to firmly grip kelempar let ga. Said Mr ship, the waves were not seberapa..pernah until there is 5 feet, and the passengers tetep kekeuh to go ahead. Baiklaaahhh.

Apparently, visitors Lengkuas far more than the previous islands that I visited. No wonder, in this island snorkeling spot with water beniiiing really, lots of places to sit, and there are drink vending jugaa. Without wasting time, I was rushed into the lighthouse and climb to the top. At the entrance, there is a box where the visitor enters Rp 5 thousand as a cleaning fee.Well, struggle up to a 60 meter lighthouse, dimulai.Selesai unwind, enjoy the scenery, dang chat with other visitors at the top of the lighthouse, I was down again and looking for a nice place to enjoy lunch. That day, I enjoyed a lunch pack the contents of the egg sauce and sautéed pumpkin with lunch most beautiful view I've ever alamiSaya also spend a long time here. No, not because of reading a book. But because it fell asleep on a rock and just realized when sea water has reached my feet. hihihihi. I was rushed to the ship I the only one who lives on the island and heading to another island. Pumpkin bay its name.

It is said that the island is actually not included in the package Island-Hopping is usually done by tourists. But that day, I was given a bonus. hehehe..saya invited to the island unspoiled and rarely visited by people. Eh but it turns out there fit me ga alone, there are couples who seem honeymoon was swimming on the island. The water ituuu, beuuuuuh, was invited to nyebur really does. But I chose to sit as he wrote the photographs. Confused ntar sih.Pulau Kepayang change his shirt which is the island's most "alive" in my opinion. Here are places to eat and lodging as well as turtle breeding. He said, the island is also nice to see the sunset. Unfortunately time was a bit cloudy, so I think no need to wait for the sunset there. heheh .. I'm just enjoying a young coconut and immediately return to the island to return to penginapan.Demikian Kelayang island-hopping trip me today. I returned to the inn in a state of fatigue, striped, but seneeeengg really. My eyes abis spoiled by its blue sea green Pacific Islands. Ihiiiiy.

The third day in the Belitung Islands

The third day in the Belitung Islands, I visited Cape Coast High or also known as Laskar Pelangi Beach. I had planned to spend half a day just wkatu here and half the next day I want to see the traditional house and the house is Mr. Kuase Belitung, which is an old house located in the Dutch town of Tanjung Pandan. Apparently, the plan rencana..heheh..saya stay in Cape Coast High betaaahhh this. How guns, I find any spots that really good for kerja..nih, working in a place like this, creativity is not berbatasSetengah make my day is spent writing and finish some work. And believe ga, work that for weeks ga finished-finished, here I just took half a day for nyelesaiin. hehehe..lokasi determining achievement * reason * Finish work, because the weather is cloudy and looks like it will rain, I asked my driver to look for lunch. Incidentally time has also been fitted. I was invited to a restaurant that sells seafood that apparently is still in touch with the family of my drivers. I ordered the grilled fish (which is apparently really big), vegetable kale and coconut ice. Eating alone in here spending money Rp 97.000, - and the rest of the fish are still so many that I finally wrap for dinner.Finished eating, because the promo paket wisata bangka belitung weather is not too hot depleted rain, I decided to swim. For information, Belitung beaches in this ga waves. So we like to swim in the pool gedeeee really so. Asik, right? Here ya: Actually I was at home sitting in the driver sini..tapi unfortunately I've sms and say if you want ngejer sunset, we have to leave now. I was getting out of my leye-leye and approached the car to transfer to Mount Berahu, chasing the sunset.

This Berahu hill turned out to be an inn with the concept that all bungalows overlooking the sea. Seems comfortable enough, unfortunately located too far to the inside and quiet. Guests from outside can enter and enjoy the sea that is in front of the inn. When I get there, there are some people who are ready to spot each to capture the sunset.good person, friendly, and humble you know. I sempet dikenalin equally MBA Meda, a singer who fills the soundtrack of The Rainbow Warriors Series along with his team. Waaah, a day of fun and exciting experience for saya.Setelah photos together, I took his leave to go manggar, an area known to the local coffee shop in 1001. Incomplete to manggar if ga nyobain my dong..jadi coffee coffee lagiii.Saya also nyobain Belitung other typical foods, namely Gangan. The contents Gangan fish pieces cooked with pineapple and fry yellow. It felt a mixture of spicy, sour, and last gurih.Pemberhentian is Vihara Dewi Kwan Im located near Bird Bath. I got there right when the temple is about to close, so that there is no other pengnjung come. Mr. guarding, Koh Akhun name, it turns out he can ngeramal know. She's supposed to, one of the attractions visitors to come to this monastery because pingin yaaa Koh Akhun predicted this. His temples clean and well-maintained you know. You can see a view of Bird Bath Beach which is right on the Pacific bawahnya.di. Wiiihh, ga kerasa know if I had arrived in town this morning because it taste really effective schedule. I went back to my inn, Flower Beach Hotel is in the town of Tanjung Pandan. Oiya, a little cerita..Saya make a reservation at this hotel the night before, so in order to quickly obtain confirmation and can usually cheaper prices, I make a reservation via web Ag * d *. Apparently, when I arrived at the hotel and saw the room rate, the cheaper the message directly in the hotel. hehehe, the lesson for me to do a double-check to his hotel so that the price can be compared directly.Flowers Beach Lodge offers 10 rooms with the least expensive type of room for overnight 200ribu not include breakfast. Large room, clean, no WIFI and supplied small gallons of mineral water in every room. This photo of her room:
Flower Beach Hotel